Tea: Nature, Culture, Society, 1650-1850

The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF, United Kingdom
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DAY MEETING 09:30–18:00 Thursday 25 June 2020

E Chaw

Mauk-Sow-U (?), 'E Chaw', 1772, coloured drawing, Oak Spring Garden Foundation, Upperville, Virginia.

Courtesy of Oak Spring Garden Foundation – osgf.org

This international meeting will address natural, cultural and social histories of tea between the mid-17th and mid-19th centuries. Arguably the first truly modern globalised commodity, the process by which tea attained such pre-eminence depended not just upon the commercial efforts of merchants, but also upon a cultural framework of knowledge and practice constructed primarily in China, Britain, Europe, and India. Among other topics, the meeting will explore natural histories of the tea plant; European attempts to cultivate tea; imaginaries of tea in literature and art; tea and material culture; tea, identity, and the formation of the British Empire.

This meeting is generously co-sponsored by the Linnean Society, Syracuse University (USA), Queen Mary University of London, and Oak Spring Garden Foundation (USA). The conference organisers would also like to thank Todd B. Rubin for his generous support.

Confirmed speakers: Bettina Dietz (Hong Kong BU), Markman Ellis (QMUL), Katharine Burnett (UC Davis), Jordan Goodman (UCL), Andrew Liu (Villanova), Emma Newport (Sussex), Romita Ray (Syracuse), Josepha Richard (Bristol), Wouter Ryckbosch (VUB).

  • The full programme and abstracts will be available shortly.
  • Registration includes lunch, refreshments and a wine reception.

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