Burlington House Courtyard Lates

Organiser: events@linnean.org
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18:00 - 20:00 Friday 15 July 2016

Explore the Burlington House Courtyard like never before, and discover the six learned societies that reside here, furthering the study of art, history and science and sharing it with audiences around the world:

Burlington House

At the Linnean Society of London, visitors will experience an intimate guided tour of some of the treasures held by the oldest still active Natural History Society in the world (founded in 1788), focusing on the work, collections and legacy of Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778). Linnaeus was one of the founding fathers of modern biology – an opportunity to discover the Enlightenment at work in his endeavours and achievements, which continue to be of great relevance today.

Registration for the Nature and Enlightenment Tour is essential (£10). 

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About Burlington House

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Burlington House has been a cultural hub for arts and sciences since 1874. The original Palladian mansion was home to the Earls of Burlington, but was later entrusted to the care of six organisations concerned with the artistic, historic, natural and scientific cultural environments. Today the 18th-century mansion is the Royal Academy of Arts; the 19th-century additions around the courtyard are home to the Geological Society of London, Linnean Society of London, Royal Astronomical Society, Society of Antiquaries of London and Royal Society of Chemistry. The cultural intersection of these organisations is illustrated by the fountains in the central courtyard, which depict the pattern of the planets in relation to the stars at the birth of Sir Joshua Reynolds (first president of the Royal Academy), whose statue faces the grand entrance to Burlington House.