Challenges and opportunities for Caribbean endemic bird conservation

Why do the Caribbean islands pose a complex conservation challenge? Drs. Ellie Devenish-Nelson and Howard Nelson will discuss iconic Caribbean bird species

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Crested Antillean Hummingbird
Crested Antillean Hummingbird

The insular Caribbean is a globally important hotspot of biological endemism, including over 170 endemic bird species. Despite this importance, these iconic birds have been subject to comparatively little ecological research. Many of these species are highly vulnerable to extinction, due to habitat loss, invasive species, over-harvesting and increasingly, climate change. The limited land area of Caribbean islands, synergies between these threats, and fragile economic systems, present a complex conservation challenge. We discuss the current state of knowledge of these species, lessons from their conservation and potential opportunities to ensure a sustainable future for these culturally and ecologically valued birds.

Drs. Ellie Devenish-Nelson (L) and Howard Nelson (R)

Dr Ellie Devenish-Nelson's background is in ecological research in the tropics and the UK, with a focus on quantitative ecology and threatened species ecology. Her work focuses on integrating theoretical and empirical approaches, using long-term ecological data to bring new insights into patterns and processes for wildlife conservation and management decision-making.

Twitter: @EDevenishNels

And Dr Howard Nelson's research centres around issues related to Caribbean island ecology and conservation and focuses on three broad themes of understanding patterns of wildlife populations over time and space, socio-ecological dimensions of natural resource use, and the science-policy interface of protected areas and wildlife management. His research takes an applied, collaborative approach to tackling conservation on islands.

Twitter: @howardpnelson

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