Sounds of the Wild

From forests of India to farms in the UK, scientists are using novel technologies to monitor and conserve the wild, especially through sound

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(Left: Andrew Lewis, Right: Vijay Ramesh, Pooja Choksi and Sarika Khanwilkar)
(Left: Andrew Lewis, Right: Vijay Ramesh, Pooja Choksi and Sarika Khanwilkar)

In this Lunchtime Lecture, we will be looking at the new ways technology is being used in the field to record and monitor wildlife in disparate areas. We will be speaking with two scientific groups separated by thousands of miles, but connected in their approach to biodiversity monitoring.

The first is Andrew Lewis FLS from Cambridge, UK who is heading project Withymbe, whose aim it is to develop an automated system for identifying and counting selected bee species by recording their buzzes at point counts along transects, in collaboration with University of Reading. The word Withymbe comes from the Anglo-Saxon for “towards the bees”.

Andrew is a Software Development Manager at Pembroke College Cambridge and continues to develop Withymbe in his spare time.

The project website is

And from the forests of India we will be bringing another fascinating monitoring project using bio-acoustics:

Dhvani is the Sanskrit word for sound, and sound is what Project Dhvani is all about. Project Dhvani utilizes the emerging technology of acoustics to measure and monitor vocalizing biodiversity such as insects, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Project Dhvani was co-founded by Ph.D. researchers, Pooja Choksi, Sarika Khanwilkar, and Vijay Ramesh. Pooja and Sarika carry out research in the tropical dry forests of central India, while Vijay works in the humid forests of the Western Ghats.

Their project website is here: https://projectdhvani.weebly.c...

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