Should we save the panda?


Should we save the panda? Choosing which species to save

Captive breeding programmes can be hugely expensive and resource consuming, as is the case for the giant panda. Perhaps scarce conservation resources are better focused elsewhere, on other species, or targeted to specific habitats rather than organisms per se. Now you will have a chance to participate in a live debate on these issues, at a joint event that the Linnean Society is hosting in collaboration with the Society for Biology, at the start of the ‘Biology Week’ on Monday 15th October.


This evening meeting will take the format of a debate on the motion ‘Should we save the panda? Choosing which species to save’. In the Chair, we will have Sue Nelson, the award-winning science journalist and radio/TV broadcaster, recipient of the Association of British Science Writer’s Award. The 4-member panel will include Simon Watt, an evolutionary biologist and occasional TV presenter, most recently as a presenter on Channel 4’s ‘Inside Natures Giants. Ready, Steady, Science!’, Mark Avery, ex Conservation Director of the RSPB and Dr Yan Wong, presenter of BBC Bang goes the theory.

The debate promises to be popular and lively. The event is free and open to all but numbers will be limited.
The debate will be followed by a wine reception in the Library. 

This event is now fully booked.

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