Science Policy Lecture 2018 – Lost Prophets, Deluded Wizards, Addicted Alchemists, and Us

The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF, United Kingdom
0207 434 4479 ext 211

EVENING MEETING 18:00–19:00 Thursday 18 October 2018

Mohammed Zaidi
© Mohammed Zaidi

In association with The Systematics Association.

Concern for the condition for the environment and its biodiversity is divided in our modern society between two groups: Lost Prophets that state our current economic trajectory implies we need an extra planet to maintain diverse life and that there are limits to growth. And Deluded Wizards that believe there is no need to limit growth, that technology will resolve all outstanding issues. These divided camps exist and share a common platform, one created by an obscure third group - Addicted Alchemists - that actually set the parameters of their dialogue.

This talk is a discussion of the interaction of this third group and how pivotal it is in shaping the actions of the former two, while the rest of us are constantly pulled by the Lost Prophets and Deluded Wizards, while happily existing in world of the Addicted Alchemists.

Mustafa Zaidi has more than 22 years in investment experience and currently serves as an Advisor to Synchronicity Earth, a global conservation non-profit. He has participated in public debates at the Zoological Society on the economy and the environment. He was the co-founder of Octane, an alternatives solutions provider to institutional clients and its Director of funds; he sold his holdings to Sanlam Insurance company at the end of 2009 and is currently the Director of Research at Clarmond. Mustafa has a BA (History and Economics) from Brown University, an MA (War Studies) from King's College and was a DPhil (candidate) at Balliol College, Oxford University.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

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  • Doors will open at 17:30.
  • Tea will be served in the Library from 17:30 and the event will be followed by a white wine reception.

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