Reginald Punnett: Father of British Genetics – Marking the 50th Anniversary – CANCELLED

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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Andrew Sheppy - Hen
Image © Andrew Sheppy

Reginald Crundall Punnett, the first Professor of Genetics at Cambridge University, died 50 years ago. He invented the Punnett Square, used in the teaching of generations of students of Biology.

This meeting will commemorate this remarkable man, whose work in livestock breeding was revolutionary. The discovery of colour sex linkage in poultry is still a vital tool in commercial breeding and food production throughout the world. Speakers will present current aspects of genetics which have carried on the science from Punnett’s own work at Cambridge, and some of the remarkable stories of his classic books and the breeds he created. There will be contributions from Anne Ferguson-Smith and her colleagues in the Department of Genetics at Cambridge, Maarten de Groot from VHL Genetics in Holland, Libby Henson from Grassroots Pedigree Systems, and Andrew Sheppy, President of the Autosexing Breeds Association.

This event has been CANCELLED.