Radiation and Extinction: Investigating Clade Dynamics in Deep Time

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Organiser: Anjali Goswami

Radiation and Extinction: Investigating Clade Dynamics in Deep Time

Radiation and Extinction

Day Meeting organised by Anjali Goswami, University College London, Michael Benton, Imperial College London and Philip Mannion, Imperial College London

10th - 11th November 2014

Determining the causes and drivers of evolutionary dynamics is central to our understanding of life on Earth. What factors shaped the modern biota? Why did some groups go extinct, whilst others survived and radiated? Why are some groups so much more diverse than others? What will happen to organisms as the Earth continues to warm up?

These issues cannot be addressed solely by studying the present day: only by examining evolution on longer, deep-time scales can we hope to understand what controls and drives these processes. Increasingly sophisticated quantitative methods are becoming ever more available to try and answer such questions, allowing us to explore rates and patterns of evolution, test evolutionary models, and examine the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic drivers on biodiversity, using entirely palaeontological, and mixed palaeontological, neontological, and genomic data sets.

This two-day meeting will bring together a diverse array of researchers developing and applying methods for reconstructing deep-time macroevolutionary patterns in biodiversity, with a particular focus on analytical approaches that take advantage of the wealth of data available in the fossil record. Dan Rabosky (University of Michigan) will deliver the plenary talk, with additional confirmed presentations from

  • Tanja Stadler, ETH Zürich
  • Mario dos Reis, University College London
  • Tracy Aze, University of Leeds
  • Lee Hsiang Liow, University of Oslo and Bjarte Hannisdal, University of Bergen
  • John Finarelli, University College Dublin
  • Melanie Hopkins, American Museum of Natural History
  • Graeme Lloyd, Macquarie University
  • Natalie Cooper, Trinity College Dublin
  • Chris Venditti, University of Reading
  • Jeroen Smaers, SUNY-Stony Brook
  • Gavin Thomas, University of Sheffield
  • Graham Slater, University of Chicago
  • David Polly, Indiana University
  • Emily Rayfield, University of Bristol
  • Marcello Ruta, University of Lincoln
  • Matt Friedman, University of Oxford

Speakers will detail both methodology and application for a range of taxonomic groups, time intervals, and macroevolutionary themes corresponding to radiation, extinction, and clade dynamics in deep time. Day One will comprise presentations and discussion sessions, whereas the Day Two will take the format of a series of workshops in which participants can learn how to apply these methodologies to their own datasets.

For a complete programme of talks and workshops please click here.

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