Putting Flesh on Ancient Bones

The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF, United Kingdom
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LUNCHTIME LECTURE 12:30–13:00 Wednesday 1 May 2019

David Button work
Image © David Button

The origins and early evolution of dinosaurs remain controversial. This is partially due to the challenging nature of many early dinosaur remains, which have suffered crushing, breakage or deformation during fossilisation. We show how CT-scanning and digital approaches allow this damage to be corrected, revealing fossils in never before-seen detail. Comparative study then allows these reconstructions to be fleshed-out with soft tissues, and biomechanical modelling permits us to test idea about how dinosaurs behaved. We apply these techniques to study the feeding behaviour in early dinosaurs, and analyse how this related to the diversification and ecological dominance of the group.

Dr David Button is a postdoctoral researcher at the Natural History Museum, London, He is interested in the evolution of feeding behaviour in animals, particularly within herbivorous dinosaurs.

  • This event is free and open to all.
  • Doors will open at 12:15.
  • Tea will be served in the Library following the event.

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