Project Coral


Project Coral

Coral Reef Feather

Date of lecture: Tuesday 13 October 2015

Time: Refreshments 5.30pm; Lecture and Q&A 6-7pm

Speaker: Jamie Craggs

Summary: Join us at The Linn to hear Jamie Craggs discuss Project Coral, a pioneering multi-year coral sexual reproductive research project, run by the Horniman aquarium and their international partners. Project Coral is using the latest microprocessor technologies to investigate the influences of the lunar cycle, diurnal changes, seasonal temperature changes and nutritional input on gamete production and release. By building a better understanding of spawning cues in captivity, Project Coral will allow researchers to predict, and then manipulate, captive spawning. The project's long term goal is to assess the impact that climate changes is having on the resilience of reef building corals and their ability to reproduce.

Booking: Free tickets can be booked here.