Natural Capital, Biodiversity & Net Zero: Foundations of a Green Economy

Prof Dieter Helm CBE will deliver this year's Science Policy Lecture on Natural Capital and how it can be folded into economic policies

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ONLINE EVENING LECTURE 18:00–19:00 Tuesday 6 October 2020

Prof Dieter Helm

(We present the annual Science Policy Lecture jointly with the Systematics Association)

How do we protect and enhance our natural environment? Natural capital is the central organising concept to bring the science and the economics together to meet the needs not only of the current generation, but to safeguard the interests of future generations. Natural capital assets, their capital maintenance and enhancements, need to be measured scientifically and accounted for economically in the national balance sheet. This lecture will explain what natural capital assets are (and what they are not), how they are measured and why they are central to a sustainable economy and to sustainable economic growth. The lecture will then show how natural capital can be integrated into practical economic policies, to build a green and prosperous land, and one that is net zero.

Dieter Helm is Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Economics at New College, Oxford. He is the Independent Chair of the Natural Capital Committee. Prof Helm's recent books include: Green & Prosperous Land, published in 2019 by William Collins, Burn Out: The Endgame for Fossil Fuels (2017), The Carbon Crunch: Revised and Updated (2015) and Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet (2016), all published by Yale University Press.

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