Linnean Society Treasures Tour March


FULLY BOOKED - Linnean Society Treasures Tour - Friday, 14th of March 2014, 2:30 pm


We will add new dates soon!

If you are not visiting us as a group, you can join one of our general Treasures Tours. The tours are free, but booking is essential. Donations to help us preserve our unique collections are always welcome!

Our tours will cover the history of the Society with particular emphasis on Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, as well as the Collections and legacy of Carl Linnaeus. Tours last approximately 45 minutes, though times may vary. All tours are subject to staff availability and change.

The Meeting Room: A warm welcome to the Linnean Society awaits you! Admire the President's crocodile-skin chair, see the portraits of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, and hear more about the Linnean Society's past, present and future.

The Linnaean Collections: Journey underground to a bomb-proof strongroom to discover spectacular butterflies, beetles and books. Learn more about Carl Linnaeus, one of the founding fathers of modern biology, his works and his role in the History of Science.

The Library: The grand Reading Room of the Library has classical pillars soaring to the beautiful glass roof and two galleries running along the sides - it never fails to impress visitors and researchers alike. It is a working research library with outstanding historical and current holdings of books, manuscripts and artwork. A library display will give you a glimpse of some of our treasures.

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Please note that these tours provide an opportunity for individuals and small groups to see our collections. However, we can also arrange separate tours for large groups (10+ people), to find out more about tours for large groups please click here.

The March Treasures Tour is now fully booked.