Life on Islands: Cycles of Arrival, Change and Loss

© Robert J. Whittaker

ONLINE EVENING LECTURE 18:00–19:00 Thursday 18 June 2020

Remote islands provide some of the finest ‘natural experiments’ on Earth. Ever since Charles Darwin, island biologists have drawn on islands for inspiration and as test systems for understanding how the fundamental processes of dispersal, speciation and extinction interact. Recently, increased attention has been given to how the dynamics of the islands themselves, as they emerge, build, and founder, in turn affects the biogeographical play. We will review recent advances in the study of island life and what generalizations are emerging.

Robert J. Whittaker is a Professor of Biogeography at the University of Oxford, and a full professor (part time) at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Climate, GLOBE Institute, University of Copenhagen. A founding member and past president of the International Biogeography Society, he is a specialist in island biogeography who has published in particular on the ecology and biogeography of Macaronesia and of the Krakatau Islands.

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