Keeping up with the plant killers

Prof Sophien Kamoun FRS from The Sainsbury Laboratory will introduce you to the secret life of the parasites that colonise plants

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Prof. Sophien Kamoun FRS
Prof. Sophien Kamoun FRS

The United Nations has declared 2020 the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). In this timely talk, Prof. Sophien Kamoun FRS will introduce you to the secret life of the parasites that colonize plants. Ever since Heinrich Anton de Bary called the microbe that causes the potato blight a plant killer, we have learned much about how these microbes cause disease and fight off the plant immune system. Some of these plant pathogens even turn their plant hosts into living puppets or Zombie plants. Others are threatening our crops and driving the global food crisis. Plant pathologists like Sophien Kamoun are hard at work learning more about these parasites and applying new knowledge and technologies to build disease-resistant crops.

Sophien grew up in Tunisia where he developed a passion and curiosity about nature. He studied genetics in Paris and Davis, California, before working in Wageningen, Ohio and Norwich, where he is currently a Senior Scientist at The Sainsbury Laboratory and Professor of Biology at The University of East Anglia. He is known for his seminal contributions to our understanding of plant diseases and plant immunity. Sophien has received many awards and recognitions, notably election as a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Kuwait Prize and The Linnean Medal.


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