Inside the Linnean Society


Inside the Linnean Society

A Linnean Lunchtime Lecture

12:30 Wednesday 4th February 2015


The Linnean Society is the oldest Society in the world still active in promoting all aspects of natural history through its publications, lectures, collections, educational outreach and support for research. The foundation of its current activities lie in the achievements of past fellows, who include Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace and accumulated treasures including the library and collection of natural history specimens. From the herbarium of Carl Linnaeus and a boa constrictor skin that belonged to Wallace to our beautiful library and collection of stunning artwork, the Linnean Society and its collection has the capacity to amaze and astound.

Join us today as Society President Professor Dianne Edwards provides some personal highlights from our collection and discusses the work of Fellows past and present.

Image © The Linnean Society of London