Growing the Grass Classification

Growing the Grass Classification: Systematics, Ecology and Evolution – Celebration of Derek Clayton’s 90th Birthday

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The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF, United Kingdom
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Monday 18–Tuesday 19 July 2016

In association with RBG Kew.

Human civilization depends on grasses, plants of the botanical family Poaceae. This meeting will bring together an international community of researchers and review the development of grass classifications and taxonomic databases, and their contributions to the study of evolution, anatomy, C4 photosynthesis, forage grass nutrition, and the global savanna biome.

The registration deadline has been extended until Tuesday 12th July. Registration for this event is essential via Eventbrite.

Growing The Grass Classification Cyrtococcum
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Monday 18th July

History, Classification and Flora Writing

Chair: David Simpson

09:00–09:10        Richard Deverell | RBG Kew, UK | Welcome  

09:10–09:20        Gren Lucas | RBG Kew, UK | Derek Clayton and his work at the Kew Herbarium

09:20–09:50        Steve Renvoize | RBG Kew, UK | Kew Grass Section and work on Genera Graminum

09:50–10:20        Tom Cope | RBG Kew, UK |  Revising Genera Graminum

10:20–10:50        Derek Clayton | RBG Kew, UK | Origins and scope of Grassbase

10:50–11:20        Coffee break    

11:20–11:50         Rob Soreng | Smithsonian Institution | The state of Poaceae classifications & databases in 2016

11:50–12:20        Terry Macfarlane | Western Australian Herbarium | Australian grass taxonomic databases

12:20–13:30        Lunch   

Phylogenetics and Classification

Chair: Sylvia Phillips

13:30–14:00        Jerrold Davis | Cornell University, USA | Getting to the grasses; phylogenetics and the origin of the family

14:00–14:30        De-Zhu Li | Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China | Classification and phylogenomics of the Old World bamboos

14:30–15:00        Paul Peterson | Smithsonian Institution, USA | A molecular phylogeny and classification of the Cynodonteae (Poaceae: Chloridoideae)

15:00–15:30        Elizabeth Kellogg | Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, USA | Phylogeny of Andropogoneae and the role of the spikelet pair

15:30–16:00        Coffee break    

16:00–16:30        Nigel Barker | University of Pretoria, South Africa | The heart of (graminoid) darkness

16:30–17:00        Marina Olonova | Tomsk State University, Russia | The study of grasses in Siberia, emphasizing Poa sect. Stenopoa

17:00–17:30        Wenli Chen | Institute of Botany, Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China | A taxonomic revision of the Miscanthus nudipes complex (Poaceae) with consideration on how to raise the rationality of species delimitation

17:30–18:00        Peter Linder | University of Zurich, Switzerland | The evolution of Danthonioideae: dispersal,  polyploidy, climate change and adaptive radiation

Tuesday 19th July

Biogeography, Ecology and Photosynthesis

Chair: Elizabeth Kellogg 

09:00–09:30        Caroline Strömberg | University of Washington, USA | The evolution of grasses and the grassland biome: a paleobotanical perspective

09:30–10:00       Caroline Lehmann | University of Edinburgh, UK | Linking the ecology and evolution of the savanna biome

10:00–10:30       Paula Rudall | RBG Kew, UK | Ancestral features of the grass epidermis

10:30–11:00        Lynn Clark | Iowa State University, USA | Functional traits and evolution of the forest grasses

11:00–11:30        Coffee break    

11:30–12:00        Colin Osborne | University of Sheffield, UK | C4 photosynthesis in grasses: from physiological innovation to ecological dominance

12:00–12:30        Christin Pascal-Antoine | University of Sheffield, UK | Comparative genomics reveal photosynthetic transitions unpredictable from the species tree

12:30–13:00        Guillaume Besnard | CNRS-Toulouse, France | Phylogenomics of rare and extinct tropical C3 grasses

13:00–14:00        Lunch   

Early Career Talks

Chair: Rob Soreng

14:00–14:15        Marjorie Lundgren | University of Sheffield, UK | Remarkable intraspecific anatomical and physiological diversity in the grass Alloteropsis semialata

14:15–14:30        Luke Dunning | University of Sheffield, UK | Biogeography of a dominant grassland species, Themeda triandra

14:30–14:45        Polina Gudkova | Tomsk State University, Russia | Taxonomic problems in feather grasses Stipa, Poaceae

14:45–15:00        Nanjarisoa Olinirina Prisca | University of Antananarivo, Madagascar | Poaceae Checklist of the Itremo Massif records endemic grasses in the Madagascar High Plateau

15:00–15:15        Jan Hackel | Université Paul Sabatier, France | Grass diversification in Madagascar

15:15–15:30        Mark Lee | RBG Kew, UK | Links between forage grass nutritive value, livestock productivity and greenhouse gas emissions

15:30–16:00        Coffee break    



16:00–16:30        Abigail Barker | RBG Kew, UK | RBG Kew and the Plants of the World Online Portal

16:30–17:30        Maria Vorontsova (Facilitator) | RBG Kew, UK | Discussion