Gilbert White of Selborne: Poet, Preacher, and Naturalist

Prof Brycchan Carey will present on Gilbert White life and work as a naturalist, literary writer and an Anglican clergyman

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Gilbert White
Gilbert White

Presenting our annual Founder's Day Lecture

Gilbert White, whose 300th birthday was commemorated on 18 July 2020, is celebrated for his Natural History of Selborne, published in 1789, which eloquently described the flora and fauna of his Hampshire local patch and did much to popularise English natural history writing. In this lecture, Brycchan Carey remembers White's life and work and shows that White must be understood not only as a naturalist but also as a literary writer and as an Anglican clergyman.

Brycchan Carey is Professor of English at Northumbria University. A former president of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (UK and Ireland), he is currently Vice-President of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. The author of numerous publications on empire, recent publications include a collection of essays on birds in eighteenth-century literature, and a study of the rise of anti-bull-baiting sentiment.

Prof Brycchan Carey
Prof Brycchan Carey

Brycchan Carey is a Professor of English in the Department of Humanities at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. He has a wide range of interests centred on the literature and culture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but he works primarily on empire, slavery, and abolition on the one hand, and early modern and eighteenth-century life sciences and the environment on the other.

His early work was on antislavery rhetoric, but in recent years he has increasingly worked on the relationship between literature, culture, place, and environment, particularly in relation to the British and American slave trade. He has also researched the ways in which slavery was experienced locally in London, Guernsey, Cornwall, Barbados, and Pennsylvania.

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