Gaia Walk with Peter Horton

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WORKSHOP 14:00–17:00 Friday 9 March 2018

In her book 'Symbiotic Planet', Lynn Margulis tells us that:

"Gaia, in all her symbiogenetic glory is inherently expansive, subtle, aesthetic, ancient and exquisitely resilient."

Gaia Walks provide a direct, powerful and entertaining experience of Gaia in action, whatever the place, whatever the time.

As James Lovelock says:

"The simplest way to explore Gaia is on foot.
How else can you so easily be part of her ambience?
How else can you reach out to her with all your senses?"

Peter Horton

Peter Horton is a writer, musician and performer, and the founder of Gaia's Company.
Over the past 30 years he has worked as a lecturer in Theatre Studies and Communication Skills, and as a Theatre Workshop director in schools, colleges and the community.

He has been researching and exploring the cultural implications of Gaia Science for more than 25 years, working closely with James Lovelock, Dr Michael Whitfield, former Director of the Marine Biology Association of Great Britain, and Dr Tim Lenton, Professor of Earth System Science at Exeter University.

Since 1998 he has been living with his family on their 5ha permaculture site in south west France.