Fungi, keystones of evolution and earth processes

Organiser: Paul Cannon, David Hawksworth & David Minter

Fungi, keystones of evolution and earth processes

Clavaria Zollingeri

A joint meeting with the British Lichen Society, British Mycological Society and the Linnean Society of London.

17th October 2013, Linnean Society

Organised by Paul Cannon, David Hawksworth & David Minter.

Fungi comprise one of the most ancient, diverse and extraordinary organism groups, yet are widely ignored and poorly understood. Despite their recognition as an independent kingdom more than 40 years ago, many non-mycologists still dismiss them as “lower plants”. They are almost completely ignored by the conservation community, and frequently public perception of fungi is that they are quaint or even malevolent.

Fungi do not deserve this treatment. The symposium will:

  • review their ancient beginnings and crucial role in terrestrial evolution
  • explore the diversity of ecologically significant interactions between fungi and other organisms
  • analyse their extraordinary range of morphological and functional diversity
  • examine their current conservation status, the threats they face, and their critical role in ecosystem health

Image above: Clavaria zollingeri, copyright Ern Emmett FLS.

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This event is followed by a free public lecture. All day-delegates are welcome to stay for this talk. Those who are not registered for the day-event are welcome to attend the talk but seats will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Truffles, trees and animals: life in the black box

18.00 – 19.00 Jim Trappe, Oregon State University

The public lecture will be followed by a wine reception in the Library

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