Forty-five years of living with guillemots on Skomer Island

Organiser: South Wales Branch of the Royal Society of Biology

REGIONAL LECTURE 18:30–19:30 Wednesday 7 March 2018

Image © ramonin @ pixabay

Saving seabirds- why long term studies are essential

Long term studies of birds or other animals are few and far between, yet long-term studies are disproportionately successful, meaningful and useful. Professor Tim Birkhead FRS has been studying and monitoring the guillemots on Skomer Island, Wales since 1972. 

What has he found out? What does it take to keep a study like this going for 45 years? How is the information obtained being used to help conserve guillemots and other seabirds? These are important questions because most UK seabird populations are in decline and particularly susceptible to climate change, over-fishing and plastic and other pollutants. This talk will celebrate the extraordinary biology of guillemots; the fact that they and other seabirds constitute an inspirational part of each country’s national heritage and the absolute necessity of protecting them.

Tim Birkhead is a Professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Sheffield. He has won several awards for his undergraduate teaching and science communication to the wider public.