Exploring Equatorial Wales: the Life and Times of our Ancient Tropical Swamp

Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building Park Place Cardiff, Wales CF10 3AT
Organiser: Cardiff University

REGIONAL MEETING 18:30–19:45 Tuesday 10 January 2017   


Over the year, the lecture series will trace the geological history of Wales from its origin in the southern hemisphere, its movement northwards prior to its collision to form the British Isles, the effects of different climates, an ever changing flora and fauna, and culminating in the arrival and diversification of its people. It will also consider how the geological processes that formed its coal, limestone and minerals are inextricably linked to major economic and social impacts in the Principality. This talk will consider the effects of the equatorial climate on plant evolution, palaeoecology and palaeogeography in the Welsh geological record.

Speaker: Chris Cleal, Head of Vegetation History Section and Lower Plants, National Museum of Wales.

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