A Beginner's Guide to Drawing Animals

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ONLINE PROGRAMME Wednesdays 12, 19 & 27 August 2020, 11:00am BST

Drawing Animals

Join our Digital Content Producer, Ross Ziegelmeier, on the 12th, 19th & 26th August in a 3-part video guide to drawing animals more scientifically and accurately through a deeper understanding of their skeletons! Our subject will be a seal.

The video guide will begin at 11am BST on the each date with the ability to Chat Live with Ross. However, the videos will also be available afterwards so you can watch at your own pace, and go over sections again.

What ages is this suitable for?

This is designed to be accessible to adults and children (perhaps 10+) and we actively encourage family groups to take part. However this will be a good opportunity for individuals who want to bolster their knowledge and skills.

Everyone has something to gain from learning more about the basic anatomy of different animals and how that knowledge can improve our artistic representations.

How can we participate?

A couple of days before the event, we will send you a digital folder with a variety of images of our shared animal subject, including images of its skeleton.

You can print these images, or you can view them on a screen.

To participate, you will need to be able to watch the videos on any device; plus have access to our images, and have some paper (A4 or bigger). You will also need a ruler and preferably three pencils, blue, red and grey/black; but if you only have grey that will work just fine.

Where do we register?

All you need to do is click link button below. We will be in contact closer to the date with some resources and a link to the event.

This series is free and is open to all ages, registration is essential.