Desmid algae: Jewels in the Bog

Jo Wilbraham will be discussing desmids, their fundamental role in the functioning of ecosystems and challenges in their conservation

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Desmid algae

Our speaker for this Lunchtime Lecture is Jo Wilbraham, senior curator (algae) at the Natural History Museum, London.

She will be speaking on desmids, a distinctive group of unicellular green algae which can often be found abundantly in bogs and peatlands if one takes the time to peer into these habitats at a microscopic level. Desmids exhibit a great range of morphology, typically with a striking symmetrical appearance. During this presentation we will explore some of the remarkable diversity found within this group of algae.

Desmids are highly sensitive to water quality and can be as threatened as their multicellular relatives. Conservation of microscopic organisms poses many challenges yet there are also opportunities to more fully understand the functioning of ecosystems in which desmids play a fundamental role.

This will be held over Zoom and will be recorded. Registration will end one day (24 hours) before the start of the event. We will be sending out the Zoom details once registration is over. Thank you and see you there!

  • This event will take place online using Zoom video-conferencing.
  • This event is free and open to all.
  • Registration is essential, and will close 24 hours before the event is set to begin
  • Once you have registered, just sit back and wait. You will be sent the joining links and details 24 hours before the event begins

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