Crowdsourcing genomic analyses of ash dieback – power to the people


Crowdsourcing genomic analyses of ash dieback – power to the people

Sophien Kamoun

Speaker: Professor Sophien Kamoun

Thursday 19th September 18.00 - 19.00.

Ash dieback is a devastating fungal disease of ash trees that has swept across Europe and recently reached the UK. This emergent pathogen has received little study in the past and its effect threatens to overwhelm the ash population. In response to this emergency, a group of scientists has taken the unusual step of immediately releasing DNA sequence data on the ash dieback fungus to the scientific community for analysis without first performing our own. In this manner they hope to ‘crowdsource’ analyses and bring the expertise of the community to bear on this problem as quickly as possible.
Sophien Kamoun studies the most destructive diseases of plants, including ash dieback and potato late blight, the disease that triggered the Irish potato famine. In this presentation, he will discuss how he became a scientist and what led him to specialize in plant pathology. He will then discuss how plant pathologists are contributing to meet the food security and environmental issues, with a specific focus on the ash dieback problem.

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This event is free and open to all. Tea and coffee will be served in the Library from 17.30 and there will be a wine reception following the event.

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