Conservation 2037

A day to think about shaping the future of our profession and passion

The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF, United Kingdom
Organiser: Paul Jepson and Andrew Knight;

PARTNER EVENT 11:00–18:00 Thursday 26 January 2017

Conservation 2037 Logo

Aims of the day

  1. Bring together cohorts studying conservation Masters courses to generate a greater sense of collective identity and empowerment.
  2. Explore the ideas and drivers that suggest a transformation in the science, policy and practice of conservation.
  3. Facilitate and encourage 'new generation' conservationists to voice and reflect upon the values, issues and practices which they would like to see at the centre of conservation 20-years hence.


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Participating Courses


  • Paul Jepson, Course Director MSc/MPhil Biodiversity, Conservation and Management.
  • Andrew Knight, Course Director, MSc Conservation Science.

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