Climbing slippery surfaces: The biomechanics of insect-plant interactions

How do insects attach to plant surfaces? How do they can move around with sticky feet, and how do plants prevent insects from attaching? Dr Walter Federle will explore the role of biomechanics in this

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Insects are the most abundant and diverse group of animals, and have co-evolved with plants over hundreds of millions of years. Insects living on plants face a variety of mechanical problems, which has far-reaching ecological and evolutionary consequences.

In this talk, Dr Walter Federle will show the important role that biomechanics plays in insect-plant interactions by demonstrating how insects attach to plant surfaces, how they can move around with sticky feet, how plants prevent insects from attaching, how insects can overcome plant defences, and how adaptations of insects and plants can inspire biomimetic applications.

Dr Walter Federle
Dr Walter Federle

Dr Federle is a Reader in Comparative Biomechanics at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge. His research focuses on animal biomechanics, insect ecology and the biophysics of biological adhesion.

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