Blaschka - glass creatures of the Ocean


Blaschka: Glass creatures of the Ocean


The Blaschka glass models are a unique blend of art, science and craftsmanship. Made by the father and son team of Leopold (1822-1895) and Rudolf (1857-1939) Blaschka, these incredibly beautiful, accurate and frighteningly delicate models were sold to museums, universities and private collectors all over the world. In the past, these models were of great scientific importance in teaching but as trends change their significance as works of art are also being highlighted. Today’s lunchtime lecture will focus on the Blaschka models, in particular the marine invertebrate models which they made throughout their career. We will explore how the models have been used throughout history, the techniques required to make them and their importance to Natural History collections.

Miranda Lowe, Collections Manager of the Marine Invertebrates Division at The Natural History Museum, London, will be showing us some of the Blaschka models she curates, explaining more about them and uncovering the people who made and bought them. Miranda will be joined by Stephen Ramsey, a scientific glassblower and a specialist in glassblowing research and development at Imperial College, London. Stephen will be demonstrating some of the techniques used in glass making and explaining how the Blaschkas made such stunning pieces of glass 100 years ago.

Linnean Lunchtime Lectures are free and open to all.

Doors open at 12:00 and tea and coffee will be served following the event.

Image © Eveha via Totodu74