BH Lunchtime Scientist: Angelo Vermeulen

This is the second event in a series of conversations with scientists for GCSE and A-Level students, and their teachers.

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ONLINE EVENT 13:00 - 13:30, Wednesday 20th May 2020

This online event is for GCSE and A-Level students, and their teachers.
The workshop will take place using ZOOM video calling which can be run using any internet browser, without an account.

This event is part of a series of talks with professionals in archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry and geology.
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Angelo Vermeulen - Artist, Biologist and Space Systems Researcher

Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo is the co-founder of SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design), an international transdisciplinary collective of artists, scientists, engineers, and activists. The goal of SEADS is to reshape the future through research and hands-on experimentation. Biomodd is one of their most well-known art projects and consists of a series of interactive art installations in which computers coexist with internal living ecosystems.

For the last ten years, Angelo has been collaborating with the European Space Agency’s MELiSSA program on biological life support for space. In 2013 he became crew commander of the first NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation in Hawai'i. Currently, he works at Delft University of Technology, developing bio-inspired concepts for interstellar exploration. His TED Talk about his space-related work has been watched over a million times.

In his presentation, Angelo will show how he connects his varied interests by presenting a selection of transdisciplinary projects. He will also explain the different ways in which biology has profoundly shaped his view of the world, his art and space research.

How to take part

Once you have registered we will be in touch regarding how you can join via Zoom video-calling, and also send in your questions for Angelo.

The event will also be live-streamed to YouTube here, so you can watch along if you prefer.

This workshop is free and is open to, roughly, 14-18 year olds and their teachers.

  • Registration is essential.
  • Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The event will begin at 13.00, British Summer Time.

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