Agricultural Biodiversity – will Homo sapiens live up to its name?


Agricultural Biodiversity – will Homo sapiens live up to its name?

Science Policy Lecture - joint meeting with the Systematics Association

Speaker: Mr Julian Hosking FLS

Systematics Assn
Sa Joint Event

Agricultural biodiversity is unrecognised and unvalued as a core part of overall species biodiversity, despite its increasing importance in terms of food security, ecosystems services, and the sustainable management of many priority habitats for wild species. It has been clearly defined in the Convention on Biological Diversity, and it is referred to in numerous current strategies. Yet it continues to be omitted from most agricultural and biodiversity policy implementation programmes. There are now many trends in climate, land utilisation, disease risks, and technologies that require the application of great wisdom in the custodianship and husbandry of agricultural biodiversity – or should our own species name be changed?

This meeting is free and open to all; registration is not necessary

Image credits for presentation: Rob Havard of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, Andrew Sheppy FLS of the Cobthorn Trust, Professor Stephen J G Hall of Livestock Diversity Ltd, Guy Clegg of the National Trust’s Trevean Farm, Ing. Juan Luis Uccelli (diagram in slide 13), John Green (slide 5), and Jon Durrant (slide 39).

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