Projects and Resources

Staff and volunteers are working on projects throughout the Library in conservation, digitisation, cataloguing and research. These projects help to build on and create more resources that we can offer

Through grants and funding, the Linnean Society has been able to take on some large projects. These projects will help enrich the already-vast resources we can offer to our visitors, Fellows and online users. We also have a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers who are doing invaluable work on projects, big and small. Here are the projects that we are working on now.

NEW: Access images, transcriptions and translations of the following manuscripts:

Specimen Collections

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Education Resources

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Our Publications

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The Society offers many resources to researchers, Fellows, students and teachers. We are always working to expand our resources and make them more accessible to everyone. Many of our resources are posted as links on this page and as new resources become available, we will be sure to post them. To access our Library Catalogue, click here.

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