The Linnean Learning Update

The Linnean Learning Update

Linnean Learning believes that we protect nature by understanding and valuing it, and so we create opportunities to encourage the sustained engagement of young people with nature.

The Update is a once-every-two-months newsletter which revolves around a different topic that might be relevant to you, highlighting resources, activities, approaches, and upcoming opportunities.

The Update is best suited for educators (wide interpretation) who want to create more opportunities for young people to engage with nature.

The Update Archive

#005 - Tours and tales (November 2022)

#004 - Opportunities for all (September 2022) - plain text

#003 - Going Outdoors (July 2022) - plain text

#002 - Evolution, everywhere (May 2022) - plain text

#001 - Our friends, the Plants (March 2022) - plain text