Download one of our vibrant posters on topics like classification or biodiversity to use on screen or to brighten up a classroom wall.

Looking for something to liven up your classroom wall?

The Linnean Society has produced a unique range of posters that link in with the curriculum for use in high school and beyond. Our posters cover a variety of topics with informative text and vibrant images.

We're happy to send these posters to your school free of charge! Just contact us at, or feel free to click on the links below to download them for use on screen in the classroom, or to print them yourself.

What made you interested in Taxonomy?

What made you interested in Taxonomy?

We asked Twitter the quesiton, 'What made you interested in Taxonomy?' and we received lots of great responses. We've created a poster which you can print in A3 to take a look at why people get interested. You could also use Twitter to take a look at the profiles listed.

Click here for the PDF.

Classification Problems

ladybird problems

These two posters look at problems with how we talk about animals and plants, and how Carl Linnaeus' classification system helps to solve these.

Naming Animals (A3) - Sometimes we have lots of common names for the same species, confusing! Luckily, there's only one scientific name for each species.

What's a ladybird? (A3) - What do we mean when we say 'ladybird'? There are actually thousands of different species!

Key Stages 4-5

Clownfish Biodiversity


Looks at: species, habitat, distribution, measuring biodiversity, biodiversity under threat

Asian Lion


Looks at: kingdoms, domains, binomial nomenclature, taxonomy, phylogeny, keys

Giraffe Conservation


Looks at: why we conserve, types of conservation, climate change, zoos, International Conservation Agreements

Peacock Evolution


Looks at: the definition and theory of evolution, variation (continuous and discontinuous), speciation, adaptation