Animated Videos

Our creative videos explore the fascinating world of Carl Linnaeus, taxonomy and whole organism biology. The stories, specimens and objects shared in these videos are entirely unique to The Linnean Society of London.

We currently have six different video series, packed full of stories told in different voices, tones and mediums.
You can take a look at the table below to have a think about which series you might be most interested in.

All of our videos are hosted on our YouTube channel - here.


Series Audience Description
Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus 7+ Funny stories about Carl's journey of scientific exploration. Includes transcripts, worksheets and discussion points.
Stories with Sjupp 7+ Sjupp is a friendly storytelling raccoon who is here to tell short stories about the life of Carl Linnaeus.
Clever Collections 11+ Introducing the most important scientific artefacts owned by the Linnean Society, highlighting how these priceless possessions are still relevant today
Biomedia Meltdowns 11+ Videos exploring the overlapping worlds of art and science, introducing historic and modern characters who worked across these imaginary boundaries
Life Underground 16+ From a secret vault below the streets of London, Life Underground tells strange and mysterious stories about Carl Linnaeus’ specimens.
Amazing Articles from our Journals 16+ This growing series features research taken from the Linnean Society of London three peer-reviewed scientific journals in biology, botany and zoology.