Our videos explore the fascinating world of Carl Linnaeus, taxonomy and whole organism biology. The stories, specimens and objects shared in these videos are entirely unique to The Linnean Society of London.

Overview of the different series:

The Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus

This series tells funny stories about Carl Linnaeus' journey of scientific exploration.
Suitable for: 9 years old +

Clever Collections

This series tells the story of the most important scientific artefacts owned by the Linnean Society, highlighting how these priceless possessions are still relevant today.
Suitable for: 11 years old +

Biomedia Meltdown:

This video series explores the overlapping worlds of art and science. The beautiful environments featured in these videos have been created using artwork produced by London students during Biomedia Meltdown workshops.
Suitable for: 14 years old +

Life Underground:

From a secret vault below the streets of London, Life Underground tells strange and mysterious stories about Carl Linnaeus’s specimens.
Suitable for: 16 years old +

The Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus

Clever Collections

Biomedia Meltdowns

Life Underground