Discovery Workshops

Discover a variety of interesting intimate workshops related to the whole scope of natural history.

The Linnean Society hosts a variety of interesting workshops related to the whole scope of natural history. Please click the headings below to see this seasons listing of workshops or visit see the full Linnean Society event programme here.

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Prices are variable. The Discovery Workshop programme is non-for-profit, with any leftover income cycling back to subsidise places for those who are unable to pay.

To apply for a subsidised or free place, please send an email to, noting what kind of workshop you are interested in attending.

Art Workshops

One day workshops

Two day courses (10 - 4):


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Our Workshop Leaders

Ben - Bookbinding

Ben offers a variety of workshops showcasing different bookbinding techniques.

Daryl - Biomedia

Daryl Stenvoll-Wells is the Linnean Society's Biomedia Project Manager. Daryl is an artist, educator, and community arts organiser with over 20 years of professional experience in the field.

Jessica - Art

Jessica Palmer is a paper passionista, widely known for her paper cuts and collages which tell stories about people’s lives.

Joe - Education

Joe is the Linnean Society's Education and Public Engagement Manager. He works to engage the young people and the public with the wonders of nature.

Leanne - Science Communication

Leanne is the Linnean Society's Events and Communications Manager. She works to communicate science (and her coralline algae) to the public and promote diversity within STEM.

Rebecca and Sandy - Art

This artistic duo form a unique teaching combination with Rebecca's loose style with pen and ink and Sandy's knowledge of watercolour and botanical painting techniques.

Ross - Digital Content Production

Ross Ziegelmeier is the Linnean Society's Digital Content Producer. His work specialises in digital animation and videography.

Stephen - Art & Design

Stephen Hall is a fine and digital artist who takes inspiration from the natural world, science, politics, outer space and the numbers 2 and 4!

Zia - Philosophy

Zia is the Linnean Society's Engagement Research and Delivery Officer, with work exploring the intersections of intersections in science of art, religion, politics, culture, and philosophy.