What is the Discovery Room?

Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is home to a special collection of books and manuscripts by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, alongside an array of the Linnaean collections and other Linnean Society’s archives, including books, manuscripts and specimens.

The Discovery Room is 4x3m and contains a 75” dual-computer touch-screen and a whiteboard wall.

The tables and chairs in the Room are completely manoeuvrable, making the space dynamic. A standard conference set-up, with the four tables put together, allows 8 people to sit around with space to work, or 12 around all the edges. Other options are four separate tables of four, so 16 in total, or 16 in lecture style.

The Discovery Room is in the basement of the Linnean Society, which is wheelchair accessible by a lift. Male, female and disabled toilets are all situated on the same floor. Free lockers are available.

Discovery Workshops

Botanical Paper Cutting
Botanical Paper Cutting

We run workshops for three main audiences: people interested in expanding their art skills, early years researchers interested in public engagement, and teachers interested in improving their student's engagement with nature.

A full listing of upcoming workshops can be found here: Discovery Workshops

From the perspective of the Society, all workshops are run not-for-profit, in that the ticket prices pay for the facilitator fee, consumables and other costs, and the remaining income cycles back to subsidise tickets for those unable to pay the full price, such as students, isolated individuals or disadvantaged groups.

To apply for a subsidised or free place, please send an email to learning@linnean.org, noting what kind of workshop/class/session you are interested in attending.

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