Hiring the Room

The Discovery Room is available to hire to support teachers to nurture curiosity in the natural world.


The Linnean Society of London is eager to centre itself as an inclusive forum for teaching, learning and dialogue about the natural world. We want to support teachers to nurture curiosity in the natural world through opportunities which are nature-based, student led, and interdisciplinary.

One way in which we will achieve this is by offering the Discovery Room to groups for meetings, training and other small events which support teachers.

I manage a small space within our wonderful building just off Piccadilly which is great for meetings of up to 16 people, or creative workshops for 8-12 people. I am keen to use the space to support teaching in whatever way possible, so do keep me in mind if you’re looking for a space for anything.

Room specifications

The Discovery Room is 4x3m and contains a 75” dual-computer touch-screen and whiteboard wall.

The tables and chairs in the Room are completely manoeuvrable, making the space dynamic. A standard conference set-up, with the four tables put together, allows 8 people to sit around with space to work, or 12 around all the edges. Other options are four separate tables of four, so 16 in total, or 16 in lecture style. We recommend a maximum of 8 people if any sort of work is being produced.

Food is not permitted into the Discovery Room as it is also home to special historic collections. Drinks are acceptable if visitors are seated or if drinks are covered with secure lids.

If you would like to bring natural objects, living or inanimate, into the Room, this should be discussed with a staff member prior to the event. We may ask that objects are frozen in our Collections Freezer for an appropriate amount of time (generally two weeks). Some items are forbidden due to potential hidden pests.

How to apply

The Discovery Room is in use for workshops, classes, training and meetings throughout the year, and so we can only hire out the room to a limited number of external groups. We will review these hiring agreements every year to provide different groups with support.

To apply, please send a simple email learning@linnean.org with your name and information about potential dates and times, who would benefit and what activities might be included.