Linnaeus' New Portrait Competition

A unique opportunity for 8-11 year olds to showcase their artwork in our historic Meeting Room

Linnaeus' New Portrait Competition

This Competition is now CLOSED - check out the results below!

We invited 8-11 year olds to create a new 21st Century portrait of Carl Linnaeus to replace our current portrait while it goes away for a while. The winning portrait will hang in the centre of our historic Meeting Room (see above) for at least 2 months. It was at a Meeting of the Linnean Society that Darwin and Wallace's 'Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection' was presented for the first time.

The Winner and Finalists

The winning portrait for the Linnaeus' New Portrait Competition
WINNER: Leo, 10, London

Congratulations to Leo who blew us away with this amazingly detailed and dramatic portrait which truly captures the essence of Linnaeus. We loved the use of colours and shading as well as the inclusion of a variety of species.

We would also like to highlight three other entries which we thought were beyond fantastic. Well done to Heidi, Chun Hoi Lai and Marina.

A runner up portrait for the Linnaeus' New Portrait Competition
RUNNER UP: Heidi, 10, Lincoln
A runner up portrait for the Linnaeus' New Portrait Competition
RUNNER UP: Chun Hoi Lai, 9, London
A runner up portrait for the Linnaeus' New Portrait Competition
RUNNER UP: Marina, 9, Wexford

The Shortlist

We received a mountain of entries and whittling them down was really hard! Our Linnean Society judges managed to select a very special 26 portraits which you can see in the gallery below. The names of the people who made it into the shortlist are (alphabetical order):

  • Alexandre, 10, Brussels
  • Alfie Gilchrist, 10, Lincoln
  • Astrid, 11, London
  • Beatrice, 10, Brussels
  • Chun Hoi Lai (Kenneth), 9, London
  • Courtney, 10, London
  • Esme, 10, London
  • Flore, 10, London
  • Flynn Elderton, 10, Buckden
  • Heidi Foster, 10, Lincoln
  • Jessica Legge, 11, Buckden
  • John Tobin, 10, Brussels
  • Joseph Armstrong, 10, Prescot
  • Leo, 10, London
  • Marina Lowney-Loring, 9, Wexford (Ireland)
  • Matthew, 11, High Wycombe
  • Mila Carulla, 9, London
  • Niccolo, 10, London
  • Oscar, 10, London
  • Polly Sibthorpe, 11, Worcester
  • Rachael, 11, High Wycombe
  • Samuel Ryder, 10, Stamford
  • Sebastian Ives, 10, Stamford
  • Teig Corrin, 11, London
  • Tim Barnes, 11, Brussels
  • Yuriko Murakami, 10, Brussels

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The gallery is in also in alphabetical order, as above.


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