Stories in Time

Journey through time with these resources which showcase explosions, extinctions and co-evolution over a billion years of life on Earth. Original artwork and concept created by Sue Mason FLS.

Stories in Time

Welcome to Stories in Time!

Soon after the oceans formed on Earth, over four billion years ago, life as we know it began to emerge. As you can imagine, there are so many Stories in Time to tell, from the first organisms to the latest, and how the rises of one group are linked to the rise and fall of others.

We will be adding a new A1 poster to our Stories in Time pack every year.

You can now view and download the first Stories in Time, which UK schools can order for free using our order form here.

The KT Extinction & Mammal Explosion

The KT Extinction is the name of the mass extinction event that happened at the end of the Cretaceous Period, which is abbreviated to K. This took place 65 million years ago and was responsible for a huge percentage of plant and animal families going extinct, including the Dinosaurs. This dramatic event was soon followed by an explosion of mammals.

Downloadable Images, Fact Sheets, and the History of this Project

Here you can discover insights into how living things have developed together through the ages. You can download individual images of species, pack of different species groups, and fact sheets about each species and species groups.

You can also tick the 'Learn about' tab to read about the original artwork and concept that inspired these resources, created by Sue Mason FLS.