The Linnaeus at Home Book

Linnaeus at Home

Our 3 Linnaeus Inspired Values are:

  • Going outside and exploring in nature makes us happy and healthy
  • Our understanding of the natural world requires recording and sharing
  • Learning about life on Earth is vital to sustaining its future

From a young age, Carl Linnaeus was encouraged to explore in nature, be curious, take notes, share his findings and learn more about LIFE.

These pages were developed to help parents build confidence within nature so that they can encourage their children to go out and explore the natural world, right outside their door.

Linnaeus at Home is available via these web-pages, as a freely downloadable PDF, or you can purchase the book at cost-price (£7 plus P&P).

We can provide free copies of the book in some circumstances - get in touch with us at

Exploring in nature activities

Recording and sharing activities

Learning about life activities