The Special Species Card Game

An Educational Classification Game For Everyone

Interested in the launch of the Special Species educational tool?

We have three opportunities for teachers (click the links to get involved):

  1. Submit your school details to receive Special Species when it is launched (click here)
  2. Take part in the trial and evaluation process ahead of launch (click here)
  3. Join our steering committee (click here)

Linnean Learning has created a card game as an accessible education tool for exploring classification, adaptation, habitats and more, as well as building language skills.

We will be launching a Kickstarter in the coming weeks so that we can produce thousands of copies of the game to be sent into schools across the country and beyond.

In the meantime, we have an online generator which mimics the game to produce unique species in one click; plus we have uploaded a simplified version of the game which you can download, print and cut into individual cards. You can download the card game here: Special Species Name Cards (print one sided and cut each page into 9 cards).

Make sure to also download our handy guide to using the cards here: Guide To Special Species.

Card Game
An example of one of the simple print-at-home cards