Free Workshops

Linnean led workshops delivered for free at your school


Last year young people enjoyed one of two fun-filled sessions - taking social media by storm designing and sharing infographics on biodiversity, or channelling their inner Banksy by creating street art that showed the importance of pollinators. All workshop creations were entered into the competition.

We have just produced two brand new creative workshops aimed at KS3 Biology:

Workshop 1 – challenge your students to create an animation all about conservation, extinction, and de-extinction.

Workshop 2 – Learn all about interesting interactions in the print-making workshop, looking at different kinds of symbiotic and parasitic relationships between organisms.

To book a workshop or to find out more please email

Biomedia Meltdown events open to everyone!

Come and get creative in the name of science and enter the Biomedia Meltdown competition!

You can catch us at the following places over the next few months...

September 22nd - Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly. 10-4pm

October 6th - Fun Palace @ Church Street library 10-4pm

October 7th - Fun Palace @Rich Mix 12-5pm

October 20th - Victoria Library, 2pm, Stopmotion

October 22nd - Victoria Library, 2pm,Printmaking

October 23rd - St John's Wood Library, 2.30pm, Printmaking

October 24th - Harlesden Library, 2.30pm, Stopmotion

October 25th - Wembley Library, 2.30pm, Printmaking

November 10th - Hammersmith library, 2.30pm, Stopmotion

More dates might be added over the next few weeks!

Image showing the equipment that will be used in the print making workshop - ink, rollers
The print workshop equipment
Image of the workshop equipment showing an iPad on a stand
Stop motion animation workshop

Workshops will be delivered at your school and will last around 1.5 hours (although we are happy to adapt the length of the workshop to suit your timetable). They can be delivered during the school day or could also be delivered as an activity for a STEM/ STEAM or Art & Design club after school.

Workshops are free and available from September 2018 until the end of January 2019.

All workshop creations can be entered into our BioMedia Meltdown Competition, for which the deadline is 1st February 2019.

To book a workshop or to find out more please email

Fun despite being about topics I'm not usually interested in

Post it notes feedback from the workshops

All of our workshop facilitators are experienced, fully DBS checked and the workshops have individual risk assessments (available upon request).