Competition Winners 2017-18

We had over 600 entries this year! There were 3 different categories and school awards too.

Infographic Workshop Category.

The fantastic infographic entries were made during a short workshop. These workshops were delivered for free in schools, libraries, youth groups and events around North West London. Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. 

The students were challenged to make an infographic exploring the topic of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is in the KS3 curriculum and is a hot topic globally. Scientists are concerned that Biodiversity is declining. 

It was incredible what the finalists managed to achieve in such a short space of time! Not only did they get to grips with a new app on an iPad — but many of them were learning about Biodiversity for the first time as well. Congratulations to all the finalists!

First Place: Naomi and Maryam from Kingsbury High School

Second Place: Shakkai Asher Corbin from Burlington Danes Academy

Third Place:  Sean from Ark Burlington Danes Academy


Jordan and Jesimiel from Cardinal Wiseman School

 Skyla and Ineada from  Convent of Jesus Mary Language College

 Sean from Ark Burlington Danes Academy

 Tiarnan O’Mongain from Burlington Danes Academy

 Maria and Sarah from Sacred Heart High School

 Wendy and Anna from Sacred Heart High School

Sarah from Ark Burlington Danes Academy

 Sophie and Safiya from Claremont High School

 Sanoyan and Usifo from Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

 Alina and Christabel from Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School 

Street Art Workshop Category

The Street Art pieces were created in short workshops. The workshops were delivered in schools, libraries, youth groups and at events around North West London between September 2017 and January 2018. Street art is a form of artwork that is displayed in a community on its surrounding buildings, streets, and other publicly viewed surfaces. Lots of street art is created with an important message for society. 

In the workshops, students were challenged to design a piece of street art to show the importance of pollinators and how we, as humans, depend on pollinators to provide us with food. These ideas feature in the curriculum for KS3 students. 

Many students worked in group of three to create these fantastic pieces - this required team work, communication skills, science knowledge and creativity! Well done to all the Street Art finalists!   

First Place: Julia Peluso, Ana Maxwell and Carina Jose from Sacred Heart School

Second Place: Aya Alshaalan and Fatima Nangleegan from Fulham Cross Girls School

Third Place: Eve Williams, Charlotte Curtis and Francesca Lytsikas from Sacred Heart School


Tooba Ahmed from Dormers Wells High School

Somera Vaiksnoraite from Burlington Danes Academy

Hiven Christie from Belvue School

Zeinab El-Saudi Burlington Danes Academy

Zeal Jani, Emmanuel Alase Obron  and Javani Scott from Newman Catholic College

Billy Solvage Burlington Danes Academy

Hanna Abdelatti and Ria Jelhust from 4th Brondesbury Guides

Faber Barrington, Hester Edwards and Lilla Scott from Grey Coats Hospital School

Austin Ashokarun, Sami Siari and Shahir Amir from Dormers Wells High School 

Catherine Welfare and Phoebe Shields Grey Coat Hospital School

Mya Hutson, Chloe Redmond and Chloe Stevens from 11th Brondesbury Guides

Louisa Teresa Karpa from The Compton School 

Unique Entry Category

The brief for the competition is very open. Students explore any topic linked to Ecosystem or Evolution that they are interested in. This could be extinction, natural selection, variation, species, human food security, Charles Darwin, biodiversity, ecosystems, seed banks, bioaccumulation etc. They can also get creative in anyway they like! From videos, songs, poems, short stories, paintings etc.

These unique entry pieces were created in the students own time—not during one of the workshops that we run. Some were created at home and others in lunch time or after school clubs. Lots of time, energy and effort has gone into creating these remarkable entries. Some have obviously spent time researching their topics and many have shown real talent and skill in what they have created.

From a rap about evolution to a pop up book exploring the extinction of the Dinosaur—there is a lot of interesting and very creative pieces here for you to enjoy! 

First Place: Evolution Rap by Oyiyechuku Okolo from Newman Catholic College 

Second Place: Dinosaur Extinction Pop-Up Book by Farhan Musa Ahmed from Newman Catholic College 

Third Place: Species of Butterfly by Aisha Riaz from Dormers Wells High School 

Fourth Place: Plastic fish by Leala Bailey Porter from Cardinal Wiseman


Kurt Hans Almirez and Jalah Auyb Khan from Newman Catholic College

Rawaan Abdalla and Safiyyah Mehmood from Dormers Wells High School

Sahirah Ali from Dormers Wells

Jessica Barton Ariadra Roca-Echegaray from Cardinal Wiseman 

Krisa Shorma from Dormers Wells

Victoria Chiappona Souza from Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College

Prutha and Stefania from Wembley High Technology College

Zwaika Iqbal from Dormers Wells High School

Gurkirat Chatha, Isaiah Muhammed and Yahya Kader from Belvue High School

Farhan-Musa Ahmed from Newman Catholic College

Smita Sharma from Dormers Wells High School

Mathilde Deve from Sacred Heart High School

Amjeet Sidhur from Dormers Wells High School

Nidhi Ghadialy from Dormers Wells High School 

Ishraq Hossain from Dormers Wells High School

Francesca Alexis Tolentino from Sacred Heart School