BioMedia Meltdown

The BioMedia Meltdown (BMM) project brings natural history to life through cross-curricular learning!

BMM connects young, curious minds to biology and natural history through innovative art techniques. Works are submitted to our yearly competition and are eligible for prizes at our annual award ceremony.

The project began in 2015 with generous 18-month funding from the John Lyons Charity. Since then, BMM has worked with schools, home school groups, libraries, youth groups, community centres and hospital schools, and is an established provider of truly interdisciplinary workshops experienced by over 5,000 young people, with 13+ well-developed workshops.

In Autumn 2021, we are entering a period of evaluation and reflection, bringing together six years of learning to articulate the impact of this fantastic intervention and prepare us for the future.

If you would like to feed into this evaluation, or ask any questions about the BioMedia Meltdown, please email

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