Archive of the SFAR Conf 2021


The Student Futures & Research Conference took place on the 4th and 5th March 2021 and was produced via collaboration between the Linnean Society of London and the British Ecological Society, with the aim of bringing together a broad range of students for a unique sharing experience, incorporating careers development and insight into the experience of student research.

There were 13 talks with 22 speakers during the conference, with roughly seven hours of video content using Zoom and a total of 17 hours in which delegates could interact on our conversation platform, Discord.

Please send an email to if you require documentation of the hours you attended at this conference.

Discord content:

You can read through the Discord server by clicking here. The server will remain readable, but locked, until the end of April after which point it will be destroyed.

The channels contain a lot of conversation (an average of 200 posts per hour!) so you may want to focus on the 'Useful stuff' channel and perhaps the 'Chat with Speaker' channel too. You can use the search function to find conversation related to your specialism (e.g. trees).

Zoom content:

You can rewatch the Zoom content via the private YouTube video posted below.

Please be aware that some sessions contain embargoed information, so you may not share this video beyond attendees at this conference.

Unfortunately, the opening part of the careers panel was lost, as well as the 'Making the most of Learned Societies' session.

  • 0:05 Opening Plenary (Chris Sandom)
  • 39:01 An entire world of careers (Panel)
  • 1:40:26 Global Challenges: How to make a difference (Panel)
  • 2:18:48 How to write CVs for Industry and Academia (Clare Brass)
  • 2:52:57 How to succeed in today's world (Dan Forman)
  • 3:49:46 Diversity & representation in postgraduate studies (Kevin Coutinho)
  • 4:16:18 My PhD Experience: Tom Dwyer
  • 4:31:26 My PhD Experience: Ashwini Mohan
  • 4:53:39 My PhD Experience: Katie Spencer
  • 5:15:43 My PhD Experience: Joshua Powell
  • 5:39:18 Closing Plenary (Chawatat Thanoosing)

Graphic reimaginations

We partnered with Mind's Eye Creative to provide these graphic reimaginations of four sessions during the conference. We hope they can spark memories and increase understanding.

Click an image below to see larger: