Download one of our vibrant posters on topics like classification or biodiversity to use on screen or to brighten up a classroom wall.

unique range of posters

Looking for something to liven up your classroom wall?

The Linnean Society has produced a unique range of posters that link in with the curriculum for use with Key Stages 4-5. Our posters cover a variety of topics with informative text and vibrant images, with more being developed.

Contact us for a printed set of the posters, or click on the links below to download them for use on screen in the classroom, or to print them yourself.

Clownfish Biodiversity


Looks at: species, habitat, distribution, measuring biodiversity, biodiversity under threat

Asian Lion


Looks at: kingdoms, domains, binomial nomenclature, taxonomy, phylogeny, keys

Giraffe Conservation


Looks at: why we conserve, types of conservation, climate change, zoos, International Conservation Agreements

Peacock Evolution


Looks at: the definition and theory of evolution, variation (continuous and discontinuous), speciation, adaptation