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Zoological Journal

The Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society publishes original papers on systematic and evolutionary zoology. Including comparative, functional and other studies where relevant and studies of extinct as well as living animals.

Edited by Dr Peter J Hayward

October 2015: Volume 175, Issue 2, Pages 225-439

  • Phylogenetic position and composition of Zygiellinae and Caerostris, with a new insight into orb-web evolution and gigantism

Matjaz Gregoric, Ingi Agnarsson, Todd A Blackledge and Matjaz Kuntner

  • Integrative taxonomy reveals six new species related to the Mediterranean corn stalk borer Sesamia nonagrioides (Lefebvre) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Sesamiina)

Gael J Kergoat, Emmanuel F A Toussaint, Claire Capdevielle-Dulac, Anne-Laure Clamens, George Ong'amo, Desmond Conlong, Johnnie van Den Berg, Domingos Cugala, Beatrice Pallangyo, Onesime Mubenga, Gilson Chipabika, Rose Ndemah, Michel Sezonlin, Gregoire Bani, Richard Molo, Abdalla Ali, Paul-Andre Calatayud, Laure Kaiser, Jen-Francois Silvain and Bruno Le Ru

  • Molecular phylogeny and systematics of spider wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae): redefining subfamily boundaries and the origin of the family

Cecilia Waichert, Juanita Rodriguez, Marius S Wasbauer, Carol D Von Dohlen and James P Pitts

  • Integrative taxonomy of the primitively segmented spider genus Ganthela (Araneae: Mesothelae: Liphistiidae): DNA barcoding gap agrees with morphology

Xin Xu, Fengxiang Liu, Jian Chen, Daiqin Li and Matjaz Kuntner

  • Evolution of bilaterally asymmetrical larvae in freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoida: Unionidae)

John M Pfeiffer lll and Daniel L Graf

  • A new genus of large hydrothermal vent-endemic gastropod (Neomphalina: Peltospiridae)

Chong Chen, Katrin Linse, Christopher N Roterman, Jonathan T Copley and Alex D Rogers

  • Phylogeny and systematics of mitriform gastropods (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neogastropoda)_

Alexander Fedosov, Nicolas Puillandre, Yuri Kantor and Philippe Bouchet

  • Fossil juvenile coelacanths from the Devonian of South Africa shed light on the order of character acquisition in actinistians

Robert W Gess and Michael I Coates

  • The Electric Glass Knifefishes of the Eigenmannia trilineata species-group (Gymnotiformes: Sternopygidae): monophyly and description of seven new species

Luiz Antonio Wanderley Peixoto, Guilherme Moreira Dutra and Wolmar Benjamin Wosiacki

  • The cranial anatomy of Chinese placodonts and the phylogeny of Placodontia (Diapsida: Sauropterygia)

James M Neenan, Chun Li, Olivier Rieppel and Torsten M Scheyer

  • Revival of the genus Tropicoperdix Blyth 1859 (Phasianidae, Aves) using multi sequence data

De Chen, Yang Liu, Geoffrey W H Davidson, Lu Dong, Jiang Chang, Shenghan Gao, Shou-Hsien Li and Zhengwang Zhang

  • The gastropod-crustacean connection: towards the phylogeny and evolution of the parasitic copepod family Splanchnotrophida

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