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Other Publications

Other titles published by the Linnean Society can be found below.

Special Issues

Special Issue 9: Survival of the Fittest

Special Issue 8: The Linnean Legacy

Special Issue 7: The Linnean Collections

Special Issue 6: Robert Wright and the illustration of Indian Botany

Special Issue 5:A Biography of Irene Manton

Special Issue 4: A Biography of Percy Sladen

Special Issue 3: Wheat Taxonomy: the legacy of John Percival

Special Issue 2: Colin Patterson: A Celebration of His Life

Special Issue 1: Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg: The Man and His Legacy

To request a complimentary hard copy of any of the Special Issues please contact the Office Manager.


To order the publications listed below click on the links or contact the Office Manager.

Order Out of Chaos

  • Charlie Jarvis

The History of Natural History

  • Gavin Bridson (second edition)

Letters to Linnaeus

  • Edited by Sandra Knapp and Quentin Wheeler

Bicentenary History of The Linnean Society

  • A T Gage and W T Stearn £5 (plus postage and packaging)

Sir James Edward Smith (A Biography)

  • Margot Walker £2 (plus postage and packaging)

The Dalarna Journey

  • £25 (plus postage and packaging)

Preserving the Archive of Nature

  • Conservation booklet produced by the Linnean Society Library Committee £2 (plus postage and packaging)

Alexander Anderson's The St Vincent Botanic Garden

  • Edited and transcribed by Richard A & Elizabeth S Howard £3.50 (plus postage and packaging)

Synposis Series

The Linnean Society's Synopses of the British Fauna publications are a series of concise, systematic works on selected groups of animals designed for use as field guides. These illustrated field and laboratory pocket-size books meet both the needs of amateur and professional naturalists. Each volume presents a more detailed account of a group of animals than can be found in most field guides, and bridge the gap between the popular guide and more specialist monographs and treaties.