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SEB Annual Meeting 2014

1st - 4th of July 2014
Manchester University, UK

The SEB annual conference brings together biologists from all over the world to share and discuss their research. Our next Annual Main Meeting will take place in Manchester from the 1st – 4th July 2014. With scientific sessions spanning animal, cell and plant biology, SEB Manchester presents an excellent opportunity for researchers at all stages of their career to meet and present their work to their peers. The multi-disciplinary nature of the conference means we have sessions spanning from biomechanics to photosynthesis and physiology to circadian rhythms and much more! Oral and poster presentation opportunities are available in every session. In addition to the scientific sessions, we also have career development opportunities, a CV clinic available and a host of lively social events. For more information please visit the website.

Are there limits to evolution?

25-26 September 2014
St John's College, University of Cambridge

What will evolutionary biology look like in 50 years? More of the same or will there be new paradigms, new syntheses? What lies on the horizon?

The impact of evolution is undeniable, but it can be viewed through different lenses. For the scientist it is the investigative discipline, mapping out the history of life, uncovering its intricacies and revealing its mechanisms. For others it might be the grand narrative, and across society it brings different meanings—sometimes to the point of polarization. Ideas about evolution pervade and influence our self-understanding. This was evident throughout the celebrations in 2009 of Darwin’s bicentennial and The Origin of Species’ 150 years. Yet the subject of evolution is not merely “Darwinism”, let alone “neo-Darwinism”, but a science that ought always to seek new questions, rattle the cage of existing paradigms and not rest content with received wisdom.

This conference is an opportunity to focus on the important research objectives, discuss the best ways to achieve them, and use these to set a considered agenda for the continued study of evolution.

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Burlington House

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