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Identify and search for Linnaean works world-wide.

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The Linnaeus Link Project is an international collaboration between libraries with significant holdings of Linnaean material.

It also acts as the official Linnaean bibliography.

A true “one-stop-shop”, it allows researchers to search for material across institutions world-wide, and conduct bibliographic research from their PC.

Read an Article about Linnaeus Link in the UK's Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals magazine Update.

CILIP Update, August 2013, pp.34-36; with kind permission by CILIP

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Linnaeus Link is funded, maintained and co-ordinated by the Linnean Society of London, a charity.

In order to keep this unique collaborative resource going and growing, we are grateful for any support users or project partners can give: Please click here to support the project

Linnaeus ordered - and Linnaeus Link delivers!

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Since the inaugural meeting in 1999, many important institutions have committed to moving the project forward and the current list of partners is as follows:

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The online union catalogue of Linnaean material held in institutions worldwide has played a key role in creating new links between institutions and enabling researchers to access important source and resource material.

The project has been going strong and attracted new partners and forged new links.

However, technology and user expectations have moved on since 2003 when the union catalogue was first launched.

As part of our commitment to this internationally important resource we were looking to provide a platform which uses the latest technology.

It should also be flexible to suit diverse international partners, be more user-friendly and provide extra features to support research.

The Oxford-based company 67 Bricks was given the task of building the new Linnaeus Link system.

The new system has much improved navigation, search- and display functions.

An outstanding feature is the new system's ability to cope with a wide range of international cataloguing systems and special characters, in line with the project's international foundations.

It is also a powerful tool for bibliographic research: Instead of amalgamating all individual partners' records for one title into one artificial, "ideal", record, the system uses a unique Tab display to unveil the full bibliographic information present in each individual record. This is especially relevant for copy-specific information and provenance research.

The new system was officially launched at the 2012 Partners' Meeting at the National Botanic Gardens of Belgium on the 11th October.

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in joining Linnaeus Link, please contact us.

Download a PDF version of the new leaflet: Linnaeus Link Leaflet 2012

The Linnaean Bibliography of Basil Soulsby

Linnaeus Link continues the bibliographic work of Basil H Soulsby, and acts as the official bibliography of Linnaean works.

Bibliography of Basil Soulsby

Basil H Soulsby

A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus ... preserved in the libraries of the British Museum (Bloomsbury) and the British Museum (Natural History) (South Kensington), second edition, 1933

Please click here to access a fully searchable digital copy available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library!