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Linnean Society Library Contacts

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We welcome bibliographic and scientific queries, as well as enquiries about the history of the Society and past Fellows.

The Library is open to all, free of charge. Please contact us before planning a visit to ensure space, staff and materials are available.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00-17:00

Email The Library of The Linnean Society of London

Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 4479 EXT 23

If you would like to use the Library or visit us, please click HERE for more information.

For quick answers, try our Library FAQs.

Relevant Contacts:

For enquiries about

  • Our Library & Archives collections
  • Donations and supporting the Library
  • Our Specimen Collections
  • Our Online Collections
  • Digitisation Projects
  • Linnaeus Link
  • The history of the Society (incl. past Fellows)
  • The life, works and legacy of Carl Linnaeus
  • Bibliographic and scientific research

Please contact:

The Librarian

Mrs Lynda Brooks (2005) Ext.24


The Deputy Librarian

Mrs Elaine Charwat (2011) Ext.23

For information about Conservation policies and projects, please contact:

The Conservator

Ms Janet Ashdown (2002) Ext.21

For information about the Society's Publications, please contact:

The Special Publications Manager

Ms Leonie Berwick (2007) Ext.28